Yoga & Creative Expression Classes

All our group classes are currently suspended. To receive updates on future group sessions, or to book an individual class, please establish contact with us through the CONNECT tab.

Regina extends a warm invitation for you to come and experience her exclusive combination of yoga and creativity classes.


Regina's groups are catered for small groups, with availability for strictly limited spaces. You can expect to experience a gentle and balancing yoga practice, followed by a fun, playful and expressive art and dance session. 

During the yoga part, Regina is passionate to accommodate each individual by working with modifications and the help of props to achieve maximum benefit. She will lead the class with detailed instruction, so you gain better body and breath awareness, increase your strength and flexibilityand experience the calming effect of a well-rounded yoga practice.

At the end of the yoga practice, Regina will guide you into the second module of this group session. In this portion of the class, Regina will tap into your creative and playful nature. Whether you choose to sketch, paint, or draw from a template, or simply enjoy mindful doodling is entirely up to you. When exploring stimulating sounds and music Regina supports you in experiential dance and free body movements.

The class structure is deliberately flexible to allow the activities of the second part of the session to change and adapt to suit the group and keep it engaging and attractive.

No experience is necessary. Regina is passionate to create an authentic, open-hearted, joyful and nurturing environment. She hopes to inspire you to embrace this class with a loving and curious attitude and is looking forward to your attendance.

All yoga and art equipment is provided and included in the price of each class. 

Numbers are strictly limited, so reservations are mandatory!

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Why the yoga plus art combination?

Yoga is a practice that marries movement and breath. In raising our body awareness we naturally increase our physical vitality. By concentrating on our breath we train our mind to focus, which will result in a calm and balanced mental state. Once we are relaxed and centred we are able to connect to our heart and experience our vulnerability, which is a fantastic starting point to exploring our creative essence. Here we can fully experience the pleasure of creating something ~ anything ~ that is arising within us in at this time and expressing this either visually and/or through movement (dance).

You don't need any previous experience for these classes. Our yoga classes are professionally led and instructed. The creative sessions are intuitive and we will offer less instructions to allow you to embrace your own creative essence. These sessions have a distinct therapeutic focus as we are not aiming at reaching a specific goal or improving a particular skill. We will explain the specific uses of the available mediums and will support you in our nurturing and loving environment. We hope that you will be inspired to experiment and able to positively experience your unique creative journey. 

What modalities are we using?

You have a choice of a range of high quality materials available to you. We provide an excellent selection of beautiful, therapeutic colouring in books, should you prefer this meditative activity to creating your own art from scratch.

Our drawing range consist of quality fine line pens, Faber Castell pencils, willow charcoal and soft pastels.

Our artist quality Albrecht Durer Faber Castell water colour pencils are a fantastic way to play with colour and texture and mix drawing with painting. Additionally, we also carry a lovely range of acrylic paints.

​Our extensive range of music, anything from meditative sounds to popular songs, will keep the improvisational dance segment stimulating and ever changing. In this portion of the class we will instruct you with minimal verbal prompts so you can let our body do the talking. This allows movement to flow freely and naturally through us.